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Workshop over cybersecurity in de binnenvaart


  • Workshop over cybersecurity in de binnenvaart 324 kB 324 kB 318 kB 319 kB


  • Programma 803 kB 798 kB 797 kB 797 kB


  • EU policies and support measures relevant for cybersecurity in inland navigation 1579 kB
    Nineta Polemi, Programme Manager, European Commission, DG CNCT
  • Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity - ENISA’s advice and support for waterborne transport 1738 kB
    Athanasios Drougkas, Network and Information Security Expert, ENISA
  • European collaboration in the field of cybersecurity for railways - Inspiration for inland navigation? 1043 kB
    Christian Schlehuber, Cybersecurity expert, DB Netz AG
  • River Information Services, e-navigation … An overview of ICT in inland navigation vulnerable to cyberthreats 1841 kB
    Dierik Vermeir, Vice chair of WG 125, PIANC; President and CEO, ALSIC BVBA
  • The challenge of IT security: Effects on the critical infrastructures’ operation for inland navigation 913 kB
    Reinhard Zimmermann, Managing Director, in-innovative navigation GmbH
  • A navigation authority’s measures for cybersecurity - The example of Germany 877 kB
    Alan Jacobsen, IT security officer for traffic technology, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration
  • Social Engineering - Focus on the human being 1158 kB
    Urs Maurer, Swiss expert at the CCNR; Scientific collaborator, Federal Office of Transport
  • Cyberthreats and cybersecurity - The experience of a terminal operator and user of inland navigation 1825 kB
    Heinrich Kerstgens, Managing Director, Contargo
  • Practical cyber-security measures for inland navigation enterprises 1131 kB
    Bernd Dettmers, Managing Director, net.e Network Experts
  • Ship/vessel cybersecurity - are the technical requirements sufficient and on which bases can they be improved? 886 kB
    Laurent Banitz, Head of Ship Safety & Cyber Security Mission, Directorate-General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea
  • Cyber risks from the Perspective of a Classification Society 1871 kB
    Svante Einarsson, Senior Cyber Security Advisor, DNV GL


  • European Collaboration in the Field of Cybersecurity for Inland Navigation - Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine 1392 kB
  • Cybersecurity in Inland Navigation - Introduction to PIANC Cybersecurity Awareness Paper - Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine 717 kB
  • Cyber Security - Assessment and protection of ships 3987 kB
  • Cyber sécurité - Renforcer la protection des systèmes industriels du navire 3645 kB
  • Best Practices for Cyber Security On-board Ships 571 kB
  • The guidelines on cybersecurity onboard ships 2950 kB
  • Tackling complexity: Protecting against cyber risk in the marine industry 10155 kB
  • Code of Practice Cyber Security for Ships
  • European Commission > Futurium >CONNECT University > Cybersecurity Videos
  • ENISA - Topics