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Workshop “Ligplaatsen als element voor een toekomstgerichte binnenvaart”


  • Workshop over ligplaatsen als element voor een toekomstgerichte binnenvaart 1067 kB 1064 kB 1061 kB 1055 kB


  • Programma 950 kB 943 kB


  • Welcoming address 229 kB
    Gerhard Kratzenberg, CCR
  • Berths as an element of a socially sustainable inland navigation sector 1651 kB
    Kempmann, CCR
  • Recommendations by inland shipping on berths and car dropping facilities 3104 kB
    Erik Schultz, EBU/ESO
  • Guidelines for a demand-oriented berth development in Austria 1558 kB
    Ulf Meinel, viadonau, Austria
  • Determining the requirement for berths on the Rhine 1586 kB
    Roelof Weekhout, Chair of the CCNR Working Group for Infrastructure and Environment
  • Ports of refuge and berths 1964 kB
    Imre Matics/Horst Schindler, Danube Commission
  • Planning and construction of berths and rest areas on the Rhine between Iffezheim and Emmerich 4282 kB
    Markus Grewe, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, Germany
  • Public berths in the Czech Republic 4994 kB
    Lubomír Fojtů, Waterways Directorate, Czech Republic
  • Shore-side electricity supply in inland navigation 268 kB
    Roelof Weekhout, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands
  • Effect of the short-stay berths offering on accidents and health 1697 kB
    André Stäudtner, BG Verkehr, Germany (transport and traffic trade association)
  • Rijkswaterstaat’s experiences with berth construction 9621 kB
    Egbert Ijmker, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands
  • Berth Information Systems on European waterways 381 kB
    Jürgen Trögl, viadonau, Austria
  • BLIS Berth Information System 605 kB
    Roelof Weekhout, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands
  • RheinPorts Information System (RPIS) 692 kB
    Roland Blessinger, Schweizerische Rheinhäfen, Schweiz