New cooperation agreement between the CCNR and the Moselle Commission


The new cooperation agreement between the CCNR and the Moselle Commission was officially handed over during the plenary session of the Moselle Commission held on 26 June 2014.

The main aim of the new agreement is to reinforce cooperation between the two river commissions with regard to both supervision of the economic aspects of river transport and policing regulations activities. It encourages the two institutions to organise more systematic concertation on matters involving the promotion of inland navigation and actions covered by NAIADES II, including more particularly the integration of river transport in multimodal logistics chains and their associated platforms.

The two organisations have undertaken henceforth to exchange information on the regulations applicable to crew members and to develop infrastructures in the context of climate change. The agreement also aims to simplify a number of work processes already being used by the two institutions, and to intensify the pooling of experience by their respective Secretariats, without challenging their independence in any way.

The CCNR and the Moselle Commission hope in this way to work increasingly effectively in favour of inland navigation in Europe, in close partnership with the European Union.

Picture: Left: Max Nilles, President of the Moselle Commission - Right: Hans van der Werf, Secretary General of the CCNR

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