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Electronic reporting (ERI) for tank vessels


The Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) will introduce electronic reporting requirements for all vessels with fixed cargo tanks on board on 1 December 2018.

The notification provided for in § 12.01 of the Rhine Police Regulation, which can be processed today via radiotelephony, in writing or electronically, must be carried out electronically for all self-propelled tankers, convoys of one or more self-propelled tankers and/or tank barges. The electronic reporting requirement, which previously only applied to convoys and vessels carrying containers on board, will be extended to vessels with fixed cargo tanks on board.


Reference documents

  • Resolution 2017-I-11 318 KB 158 KB 105 KB
  • Leaflet “Electronic Ship Reporting in Inland Navigation” (2015) 102 KB 111 KB 106 KB 107 KB


Press releases

  • Obligation d’annonce par voie électronique pour les bateaux-citernes : 500 bateaux inscrits sur 1600 (Mai 2018) 154 KB 158 KB 151 KB
  • À partir du 1er décembre 2018, introduction sur le Rhin de l’obligation d’annonce par voie électronique pour les bâtiments ayant des citernes fixes à bord (Octobre 2017) 301 KB 297 KB 297 KB



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BICS – Dutch Inland Shipping Information and Communication System

This website is provided for users of BICS and other parties that are involved in the process of electronic reporting in inland shipping. Skippers, (inland shipping) companies, waterway managers, developers of RIS technology and other interested parties can find comprehensive information about the BICS Inland Shipping Information and Communication System (BICS stands for „Binnenvaart Informatie en Communicatie Systeem“) and the associated applications and standards on this site.


ELWIS – German Electronic Waterway Information Service

ELWIS is the conduit for publishing all the relevant German waterways information. This information is intended to increase waterway safety and facilitate journey planning. What sets the publication of information in ELWIS apart is that all the relevant information is provided centrally in this one location. All the information published on ELWIS is regularly quality assured to ensure that all content is correct, up-to-date and complete. The subscription information service ELWIS Abo is also available on ELWIS. Users can avail themselves of the service to subscribe to specific ELWIS information, which they can then receive automatically by e-mail as they choose. All the information published on ELWIS and ELWIS Abo is provided free of charge by the Federal German Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV).


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