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Informations about the waterway

Table of closures on the Rhine and the Grand Canal d’Alsace

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Waterway Profile of the Rhine

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Existing headroom under bridges

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Condition of navigable channels of the Rhine
The intended cross-section of the navigable channel cannot always be adhered to. Information on width and depth restrictions on the Rhine in Germany is to be found here.

Water depth readings on depth gauge boards relevant to the navigation of the Rhine
The current water levels can be found here.

Information sources on the Internet concerning the location of Natura 2000 protected areas along the Rhine

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Reflection paper “Act now!” on low water and effects on Rhine navigation (Edition 3.0 of 27 October 2023) 4292 KB 4287 KB 4327 KB 4496 KB

Third edition : Compilation of examples and experiences concerning the requirement for berths and the necessary equipment

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