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International historical colloquy “CCNR : 200 YEARS HISTORY”


  • Programme 597 KB 541 KB


  • The Netherlands and the CCNR in the 19th century 219 KB 12616 KB
    Hein KLEMANN - Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Belgium, the 5th wheel of the CCNR in 1919? 76 KB
    Etienne DESCHAMPS - Louvain Catholic University (UCL), Louvain-la-Neuve
  • The CCNR and the Treaty of Versailles: a Europeanisation of inland navigation? 108 KB
    Guido THIEMEYER - Düsseldorf University
  • Debates among member countries on reconstituting the CCNR in the aftermath of the Second World War 135 KB
    Martial LIBERA - Strasbourg University
  • Who “rules the Rhine”? The CCNR from the EEC Commission’s viewpoint in the 1960s 186 KB 1044 KB
    Christian HENRICH-FRANKE - Siegen University
  • From reconfiguration to standardisation: cartographic knowledge at the CCNR and the establishment of a knowledge regime, c. 1830-1870 100 KB 6936 KB
    Duisburg-Essen University
  • The CCNR and the development of pushed convoy techniques 232 KB 178 KB
    Jean-François ECK - Lille 3 University
  • The ‘Compagnie des Chemins de Fer du Nord’ (railway company in northern France) and the CCNR: an impossible complementarity? 147 KB 2599 KB
    Béatrice TOUCHELAY - Lille 3 University
  • Variations on professional law: action by the CCNR in the field of social law 165 KB 1759 KB
    Stéphane CARRE - Nantes University
  • The convergence of river transport rights on the Rhine axis 30 KB 99 KB
    Sandie CALME - Lawyer, Paris
  • Exporting the CCNR model? 50 KB
    Albert BOUR - Former Legal Adviser at the CCNR
  • African law for inland navigation : a developping law or an impossible harmonisation ? 206 KB 1621 KB
    Paulette NGO MBOGBA - Association for the promotion of inland navigation in Africa (C.P.P.N.A.)