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“Bringing together the skills needed for sustainable inland navigation”

5th CCNR Congress

It was at the Maison de la Région Alsace in Strasbourg that the 5th Congress of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) was held on 3 and 4 December, under the French Presidency, with the title “Bringing together the competences for sustainable inland navigation”.

More than 200 participants concentrated their thinking on the topic of the sustainable development of inland navigation. Two round-table discussions were held specifically on the social aspect of this. The subject had been under discussion for more than a year prior to the Congress.


“Vision 2018 for sustainable inland navigation”

At this 5th Congress, the CCNR presented Vision 2018, a road map in which the organisation sets itself strategy guidelines for the next five years. They are ambitious but feasible, and taking them into account will contribute to the sustainable development of inland navigation in ecological, social and economic terms. The purpose of this initiative in favour of navigation on the Rhine and elsewhere in Europe is to be of help in implementing the European Commission’s Naiades II action programme while taking account of the difficult economic context affecting the sector. Vision 2018 calls for coordinated action on the part of all the stakeholders in order to achieve objectives in eight major areas over the next five years. (For more information on the initiative, visit



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  • Address by Mr Kovarik 14 KB
  • Presentation by Mr Theologitis 1986 KB
  • Video: “The attractiveness of jobs in inland navigation – an essential dimension of its sustainable development”
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  • Video: “Vision 2018 for the sustainable development of inland navigation”
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Press release

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