Structure and bodies


The Central Commission has a standing administration, its Secretariat, which has a staff of about 30. The Secretariat prepares the work of the Commission’s bodies and ensures that its resolutions are implemented. It ensures that documents are circulated, resolutions are published, meetings are organised, documentation is produced, translations are carried out, etc.

To do so, it has an annual budget of about 2.7 million euros.

The present composition and distribution of responsibilities within the Secretariat are set out in the following document. 23 KB 22 KB 17 KB

Within the Secretariat, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General and the Chief Engineer have a special status – they are appointed by the Central Commission for a (renewable) four-year term of office by means of a resolution. The other members of the Secretariat are recruited under contract by the Secretary General. The staff of the Central Commission is governed by its Staff Regulations.

The actual functioning of the Central Commission is defined in its Rules of Procedure. The organisation of the Secretariat is set out in the Staff Regulations. The Financial and Accounting Regulations govern the CCNR’s spending.