Observer States

The CCNR created Observer State status in order to encourage the participation of States not included in its activities.

Eleven States currently have Observer status at the CCNR (Austria, Bulgaria, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland and the Republic of Serbia).

Observer State status is defined in a resolution adopted in 2001 16 KB 15 KB 15 KB 17 KB and Article 22 of the Rules of Procedure. Observer States may be consulted at plenary meetings and may take an active part in all the CCNR’s committees and working parties (except the Preparatory Committee and the Budget Committee). Observer States also receive all the CCNR’s working documents.

Their participation is dependent not on a financial contribution, but merely on acceptance of the CCNR’s rules governing its organisation and its work.