De nouveaux maître-matelots sur le Rhin :

la CCNR reconnaît le baccalauréat professionnel du transport fluvial français et reçoit la première promotion de bacheliers du Lycée Emile Mathis (Strasbourg)


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Market observation report on inland navigation in Europe: first annual report published by the CCNR in collaboration with the European Commission


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CESNI meeting on 2 June 2016


The European Committee for drawing up Standards in the field of Inland Navigation (CESNI) met in Strasbourg on 2 June 2016; the meeting was chaired by Mr Max Nilles, the representative of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Recognition by the CCNR of non-Rhine professional qualifications for the schools in Děčín (CZ) and CERONAV (RO)


Following the signing of two administrative arrangements with the authorities of the Czech Republic and of Romania...


Swiss Presidency and new thematic orientations for the CCNR starting in 2016


2016 marks the start of the two years of the Swiss Presidency of theCCNR. The post of President has been occupied since 1 January 2016 by Mr Reto Dürler.

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Mon 26.09.2016
Informal working group on the training of experts (ADN) (ADN)


Plenary session


Strategic road map of the CCNR

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