Publication by the CCNR of edition 1.0 of the standard for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker checklist (truck to ship)


This standard is available in French, German, Dutch and English. It comprises the checklist provided for in the RPR on the one hand and guidelines on the other hand.

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Austrian logbooks recognised on the Rhine with effect from 1 July 2016


Austria is the first non-Member State of the CCNR to benefit from recognition on the Rhine of logbooks issued by its authorities.


LNG Strategy Symposium - Inland Navigation and Ports


More than one hundred participants outline the prospects and forthcoming milestones in the development of liquefied natural gas on Thursday 8th october 2015. For more information:

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CCNR celebrates its Bicentenary!



Discover the history and the current missions of the oldest international organisation in existence.

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International historical colloquy - Presentations


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Tue 01.12.2015
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Strategic road map of the CCNR

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